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Providing Assurance In An Unsure Time

White Light Assurance provides financial assistance in the form of making up to 85% of your rent (for up to 3 months) in the event that you have involuntarily lost employment. Please get familiarized with our terms and conditions by clicking here.


How Does White Light Assurance Work?

The process is simple:


1. Ensure that your apartment/rental and it's landlord or property management company is already partnered with White Light Assurance.

2. As soon as the involuntary terminations occurs, contact White Light Assurance.

3. Once you have been vetted and are deemed eligible for assistance, download the authorization letter hereThis will be needed to verify employment and to communicate with your property.

4. Once your employment has been verified, White Light Assurance will overnight a check to your landlord/property management company at 85% of your rental rate. You will be responsible for the remaining 15% of your monthly rental amount.

5. The benefit will max out at 3 month's worth of rent, paid at 85% of your monthly rental amount. See Terms and Conditions here for details.


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